Days of our lives ( gedicht)



People are constantly living their lives in the battle withtime.

Meanwhile I am bounded by the mightiness of loving hate.

And hateful love.

We’re slipping away in the past of days.

Slipped in to usefulness fighting.

A silly war we declared.

Once upon a time.

Egoistically driven by our egocentric beings.

The path true the colorful lanes.

Once made for us. For our journey.

As i am your son. And you’re my mother.

We cannot pass them to the open doors at the end.

The lanes on our way to salvation.

Meanwhile sleep has become the cousin of death.

The battlefield of our broken dreams are full of the shattered glass we’ve left behind on our way.

We lost grip of the bound we’ve been given by nature.

The bound of our life. One for you, one for me. But neither you nor me could see the value of…

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