When I will ever wake up in the promised land

Will I then be able to cross it

Limp as i am a leftbehind

Crumbled and shattered like I was glass

Will my broken soul heal his wounds

When I will return of Flanders fields

From the battle with my broken dreams

And still the larks are singing their songs above my skies

The skies of my thousand thoughts

They couldn’t bring myself together

Not in all those years that are been gone like they where blown in the wind

The wind where I seem to float on

But with whom I never learned to fly

To an uncertain future maybe

The sequel of a broken past

Questions only remain as the scars

Of a young broken bird

Flown to fast

Got to high

Falling hurts only when hitting the ground

Everything that comes on your way laterally is less

Painfully are the mistakes that you make by yourself

The ones that others are to blame for!

They marked the scars !

Laying in the open fields

I watch the larks now singing their songs

Tumbling and playing in heaven

Should they hit the ground if their souls are broken?

I keep on wondering if I will be able to walk again

The least I can say is that I tried

While I am getting richer.

Thomas Haghenbeek